Gaze XXVIII – All Ahead Full! All… heads.. Full?

The new build is…… ….. *drum roll* …. … …. *drum roll* … Complete and coming soon! 

What is in the new r5.25 preview build 2?

Besides the obvious bug fixes, there’s quite a hefty optimization pass done to the game and now the jiggly parts should be a lot smoother and there are a lot less “lag spikes” when quickly turning the camera or travelling around. Crew management is more in depth now, besides ability to finally give items to your crew, you can now also properly sent them back to the camp instead of guiding them back hand in hand (figuratively speaking of course) x) The crew management is also a basis for crew personalities, but for now it’s mainly only visible in form of simple management “conversation” and generated names for everyone ^^

Meet Rolt Openclaw, the random crew member… I found…?

In the earlier Gaze there was a preview of the in-game music which brings a lot more atmosphere to the game <3 Obviously you can adjust the volume if you prefer just ambient squeeks, but I would definitely recommend exploring with music ;3

In addition; You get to meet two new crew members (them written NPCs that came with your ship); Cook Pinch, and Wheel Mate Debyrrah. First with act for characters with penis, and the second for those with vagina. You can now use genital piercings too, and there are proper descriptions and item informations now, so you no longer have to guess that odd red cylinder is (it’s dye) ^^

Pail has also gotten some love, though not in form of an act, but you can actually apologize to him instead of having to start a new character. Better late than never, but I admit he probably should have been “fixed” earlier xD Pail is our first written NPC, first and best (personal opinion!), also immensely more forgiving now <3

When is it coming!?

The Patreon release is 17th of April, that is Friday this week! And the Steam version is expected to go live 27th – 30th of April.

Patreon and Steam change(s)?

The ability to claim Steam keys based on Patreon lifetime pledge will end on the last day of this month; Any valid requests made prior will of course be honored! 

However, the way our Patreon <-> Steam work together will continue identically; Any Silver cohort or above patron who owns Hunt and Snare on Steam will be able to access builds early through Steam’s beta branch OR by downloading through download links in Patreon posts.

Build availability on Steam will continue similarly; After a build is released, it’ll go through Patreon’s early access, potential fixes, etc, and then roll on the Steam couple of weeks later.

What is coming next?

The build after this one wraps up the r5.25 (Wew!); The preview 3 will introduce basic trading (ability to sell and buy items) and basic set of clothes. Clothes are something we’ll indefinitely expand, but I definitely want the first set to be fairly meaty too <3

There’s also some secrets coming in preview 3, but I don’t want to spoil anything (yet!) x)

Remember to wash your hands, and keep distance and refrain from unnecessary contact with other people, except in Hunt and Snare. There you can go as close and deep as you want <3

With luv!

P.s. If you wanna play Bothre Clawheim from the screenshot, erm the horny-..ed kitty, you can get him by pasting this character code inside Characters menu: