Gaze XXIX – Hey we’re one numeral away from the best numeral!


Above is a small preview of upcoming clothes. Just me testing the fitting of clothes to the character. The clothes aren’t actually equippable yet, as we’re first focusing on the trading system itself ^^

There will be a few new traders (old ones will have something to trade too, like Kess and Timathi) in the final preview build; A piercing merchant, a thrift store trader, and a cloth merchant.

(Sketch of how items are shown and marked for trading)

Each trader will have their own trading inventories and items they’ll buy. They also have different kinds of markups and markdowns when trading; Some pay you more for items and might give you better deals than others. Opinion influences the values both positively and negatively; A trader who likes you is going to give you a better deal than a trader who despises you ^^

The basic functionality is that you tag what you want to buy, and what you want to sell, and then in the middle you’ll see how the coins are exchanged if you strike a deal. The items that aren’t sellable to the trader will be highlighted differently so it’s easy to see what will be tradeable.

Work in progress interface with temporary images in places. (Note: Pail won’t be a merchant, just a test character here xD)

Once we get the trading done, we’ll start testing the fitting of the clothes. Currently the idea is that you can have one upper piece of clothes, and one lower piece of clothes. E.g. in the gif at the start of the post you can see an “Apprentice” shirt and “Stylish” pants used together, whereas in this screenshot you can see “Light” pants and “Butler” jacket used together. 

The Stylish pants and Butler jacket are basically a set though, but if all goes as planned, you can mix and match clothes freely instead of having them as sets ^^

Topless? Why not!

The clothes will eventually be dyeable too, but it’s not prioritized for this build yet. Internally they already accept colors, but we’ll need to make the clothes saveable as unique copies (when dyed) and make a dyeing interface which might take too long for the next build (also need to make past hat(s) dyeable too) ^^

Also, ahem, I like making tiny details.

The lil waving of clothes is a simple shader (vertex world position offset based on scrolling noise texture) and won’t really have any effect on performance, just looks pretty ^^

I have 53 different cloth pieces on my tasklist at the moment. Not all of them will be in the next build though, but hopefully a nice base set. Some clothes are “sexier” than others, but largely the clothes will be fairly utilitarian in nature. I’d guess 1/4-1/3 are sexier than just clothes to use x)

We still do have plans to allow all NPCs nude with a flip of a switch, and only the written NPCs will have clothes to begin with. Rest are either nude or you and your crew :3

More later!

Luv you <3