GAZE XXX – Upon Thine Pants We Go!

Well, more like In Thine Pants We Go but sometimes we have to go Upon to go In especially when Upon sounds cooler than In! x)

This one is called as “Cabin shirt”. I wonder why.

This here is “Engineer’s Vest and Shirt”. I’m sure there’s no relation with Engineer Sterling.

These are “Sailor pants”. No relation to any sailors especially. I just made most clothes thinking who’d wear them x)

These are just light pants.

Frilled pants!

…breast strip… …?

Leather pants. These I showed earlier too, but in different context ^^

Some clothes have different versions, like these leather pants have “soft leather butt” x)

There’s also… ..uhm… leather breast strip. I haven’t decided on names for everything yet x)

All clothes will have some parts that are colorable, mostly the cloth parts except leather pants and the strip above has colorable leather. Currently the Engineer’s vest is not colorable, but might become one too!

Currently none of these have “patterns” but it’s likely most will eventually have versions with colorable patterns and different materials. Not sure if for the first version, but we’ll see ^^

With luv,

Also Gaze XXX tshih-keh.