Gaze XIX – Fakes and Shakes

Though spins is probably better. Some crew member can’t decide what to do so they’ll just spin around x)

Optimization pass for the Kirhaal is complete, here’s some comparisons (ignore FPS, it’s from Unity editor and doesn’t really represent much game performance wise):

OLD – 5139 batches (draw calls), 7.6M triangles

NEW – 3408 batches (draw calls), 3.8M triangles

The change is not massive for close ups for Kirhaal because it’s primarily a custom Level of Detail setup (Show higher detail close up, show simpler further away, and show extremely simplified at long distance) and the houses are almost always close up, but nearly halves the render work for the camera ^^

The biggest benefit is optimizing everything from a distance as is visible in these screens:

OLD – 4995 batches (draw calls), 5.4M triangles.

If you compare this with the city, you can see that the batches are barely different when you’re in the city or when you’re far away from the city. Even with the triangles the difference between being in the city and being outside the city was just 7.6M vs 5.4M. That’s effectively the reason why looking towards the city causes lag in the current build ^^

NEW – 2674 batches (draw calls), 1.5M triangles.

That is a pretty big drop (there’s a slightly downgrade in the grass, but that’s not because of the optimization, it’s because I forgot Supersampling off… x) )

Now, for an even better comparison…

GRASS – 1549 batches (draw calls), 1.4M triangles.

Compare that with the new optimized city from a distance… It barely has an impact on rendering any more x)

All the options menu graphics options are now bind up, so you can mix and match pretty much every visual effect to squeeze most out of the game on lower end machines. There’s no universal “this makes your game run great”, so some experimentation might be needed on some computers ^^

And those with better computers, can just drop out some effects completely if you don’t like them… no, you can’t drop away depth of field, why? Because we don’t even use it, but if we did, you could!

With luv,