Gaze XVIII – Options menu and Map reworkssssssss~!

Showcasing some of the upcoming features on the options menu ^^

A new map is also coming for r5.24.2 (in addition to the Options menu, and Crew Saving), while it’s not vastly different per se, it’s updated to match the new Kirhaal, is prettier, more future proof, and more capable of displaying some fluff and better rumor location guides ^^

As I want runic, and most of the people don’t, there’s going to translations for the runic text on map. You can hover over any text on the map to see what it means in common alphabet ^^

Also rumors (mainly Kess for now) will give you some pointers on where abouts you need to go (instead of the old ? here and there).

Also, Bosun is very anxious to meet you!

(it’s a bug, he is a big boy, but he is not a bug boy)