Gaze XVII – Tiny gaze into the nearest future!

We’re currently working on r5.24.2 which is primarily the Options menu (and some more fixes, and additional optimization for the Kirhaal; Some benefit inside city, big benefit when outside the city), in addition to that we’re rolling out a temporary solution to prey saving until actual systems are made for it.

The way the prey saving works is that when you capture a prey, you can recruit them to your crew IF you have space (there will be limited slots, likely going to be 3 even though we’re still testing the optimal number. In the screens it is 5, but it is a bit too many to feel a personal). The prey following mechanic works the same way as before, except those recruited to your crew are saved and loaded with save games and can be swapped in and out by visiting a specific location where they’re stored at (waiting in a camp). The prey OR crew following you at the moment of saving will also be saved, so technically you can have 4 saved up ^^

Basically we will keep it up-to-date and running and top notch in general, BUT there is one caveat; Once the actual prey and crew processing is done, we’ll have to wipe up the temporary crew ^^

The release of r5.24.2 will effectively wrap up the r5.24 build, and then we’ll move on to the inventory system and reworking the character controller to make the basic hunting loop more fun, and while sailing comes later, you’ll be able to access new islands way before then and we have some plans on having a vote where we’ll go next! ^^

The Steam release of r5.24.1 is tomorrow, but I don’t have an exact date for Patreon r5.24.2 yet though, but hopefully still this month ^^

With luv,


I brought her home.
And she’ll be my first mate.