Snippets XXXI – Clothes Are Supposed To Cover You (NO!)

Kizan clothes set will be a bit less covering than the pesky regular clothing of regular Skiir(..ians?). After all, the primary users are the kizans of the Dewseed Tribe ^^

Not that the clothes are limited to them, of course. You’ll be able to get some for yourself too <3

The clothes will come in two “parts” basically; The upper body (there’s no separate bracers, sorry!), and the lower body.

Not sure if we’ll expand the clothes system to allow wearing underwear later on, but the kizan set is basically *open* and exposed all around :3

The cloth colors are just temporary. The brown leather (how did they get leather? eek!), green cloth, and yellowish decoration, will have variation in color like regular clothes do, and eventually will be dyable too (once that system makes it in) ^^

Also I apparently sorted these based on the length of the bracers xD

These are obviously subject to change still, as there’s a lot of more work needed before they’re in-game and bunch of testing to do, buuut if things work out as I hope, it should pave way for skirts and such too ^^

Teaser :3

With luv <3