Snippets XXXII – Desert Island Concept

Above is a concept for the next island we’re working on (still far in future), and it’ll be a desert island named as Saardan, some ways to the south-west from Kizan ^^

Saardan, like with Kizan, will introduce a new species; The hares. Though in case of Saardan the new prey will be a Saardan subspecies of hares that are smaller than the playable species itself (as player has to be standard size always, but prey and NPCs can be bigger or smaller). The Saardan heevs are basically desert bunnies who will be featured greatly in the Saardan island population too.

(Just an untextured and undetailed wip model of the hare, very very much wip still :3)

…also I’m totally going to add a pirate white Saardan heev and a brown Harakeen davh somewhere on the island and call them Samual and Maximillian xD

…hmm, and probably a green Saardan heev called Jazz Ja-… no no I can’t add ALL the bunny/rabbit references to the game.

Saardan base mesh progress :3

As for the stuff still to do on new content of upcoming release r28;
– Setting up clothes technically (this bit takes a lot of time)
– Setting up items as loot (quickly done, once above is done)
– One asset is missing art (quickly done, once above are done
– One full act missing

Rest of the things are done, like the additional decoration pass on Skiia and full pass on Kizan along with a lot of other things ^^

With luv <3