Snippets XXXIII – Build updatesssss

Not much more to go! Less Snippets, as there’s less “new” to show the closer to build we’re ^^

Some of the kizan misc treasure you can find from chests :3

Kizan clothes set 1

Kizan clothes set 2

Kizan clothes set 3

Kizan clothes set 4

Do note that while they seem super open, the clothes aren’t layerable so you can’t wear anything under them. It would be a cool feature, but a bit beyond our budget to do (there’s a reason you rarely see that feature in games!) ^^

On new modding features;

Custom traders with custom items; Also you can re-use existing items and cloth colors are defined in clothes, so it’s possible to make custom traders who sell clothes of different colors than the ones available at the moment, or sell your custom items, e.g. gifts for NPCs if someone made such a mod :3

Custom mod materials; This adds a custom character skin with claw marks (sample by Husky, our modding… …husky x)). It’s reusing existing patterns and character material, but in future these will be tied to custom subspecies, so people could create a, I don’t know, a glowing cat subspecies or something like that. One step at a time for now tho! ^^

Definition example

Also from Husky. *NOT* a cum feature, just a mod example x)

A release date for the build soon(ish) (disclaimer: soon may vary, but soon in grand scheme of things) ^^

With luv <3