Snippets XXVIII – Sailing Concept

A mockup sailing screen above ^^

Mockup basically meaning a concept image to convey a concept/feel of a mechanic and show what it might look like in the future ^^

My horrible mouse writing explaining basic heading changes while sailing. It’ll behave the same way in Combat (a more micro scale sailing with combat) and Travel/Sailing mode (a more macro scale sailing on world map) ^^

The basic idea is that you set your heading (direction ship rotates to sail towards) and your sails (effectively the target speed of travel), and then can just leave it there to focus on the cannons ^^

Again some horrible scribbles with mouse explaining how aiming works xD

A basic cannon layout is basically two firing arcs; Port and Starboard, but some more advanced layouts might allow shooting some weapons in forward or possibly backwards too. It’s not decided yet if player ship will have option for other firing arcs, but some enemies might (e.g. think of a square cannon emplacement/fort on shore as a non-moving ship)

In basic sailing gameplay the sailing is divided in two parts; The Combat and the Travel/Sailing modes. Visually it is top down in both modes, but basically in World map travel mode it will represent the player’s position on map and stuff isn’t “to scale” in relation to each other, for example, islands appear a lot smaller in comparison as it’s more focused on travelling between locations (and hopefully evading natural hazards while doing it).

While sailing on the world map, you can encounter neutral or hostile ships. Encountering enemies basically means the game switches to a Combat mode. The Combat mode map has ships and obstacles more in scale with each other, so if you’re fighting near a shore, the shore is a massive obstacle on the map, changing the shape of the combat area ^^

There will of course be a lot more elements to sailing in general, and ship customization and such, but those are for later when we have more to show, and less words required to convey it! :3

With luv <3