Snippets XXVII – Skiia Deco Pass

One of the upcoming build’s features is a decoration pass for both Skiia (pictured here) and for Kizan. This Snippet is more about the Skiia pass however and Kizan will be for a one later on ^^

The basic problem with Skiia is that there isn’t enough to see and find in it, so the first deco pass (actually probably third by now?) focuses on adding more signs of life all around, be it past or current, and also it adds more treasure (chests, not new items for now) to find, so there are plentier rewards for exploration while you’re hunting ^^

Probably should mention something about this? Hmm… nah, it was probably nothing.

Smuggler’s cave, eek!

Camping site up in the mountains :3

Oh, right, the small ancient shrines. Will have more purpose later, but likely a bit more decorative in the next build. The ancient ful statue will *soonish* get actual use for it (originally I was just going to add the unused ful head sculpt as decoration, but it has kinda grown from it xD)

More soon! ^^

With luv <3