Hunt and Snare – r31 – Release Date Announcement

Release date is 20.03.2023!

r31 Changelist:

  • NEW Species – Heev – You can now make new hare characters with unique set of 10 patterns and 7 tails <3
  • NEW Island – Iskaai First Pass – The wild hare island, colder and further north than Skiia. The first pass of Iskaai only includes huntable Heev. Further updates will add more things to do and see on the island <3
  • NEW Act – Anal from Gweneviewe – Gwen, the amazing piercing merchant on Skiia, now has a full act and expanded dialogue <3
  • Added additional dialogue to NPCs around the townsquare for Gwen act.
  • Fixed Kort misgendering player in edge cases and adds flirt option if player missed act trigger earlier.
  • Fixed butt softbody issues with underwear.
  • Fixed occasionally spazzy grass due to wind changes.
  • Fixed Spirit having non-genital penis details.
  • Fixed golden prey/crew losing shiny fur materials.
  • Fixed ear jiggle twitching.
  • Fixed player lantern causing nullref errors with shadow optimizer.
  • Fixed camera trying to evade rifle casings.
  • Fixed unerect penis piercing tracking.
  • Fixed Ribbons rumor not having completion tags.
  • + secret
  • MODDING: Fixed clonedCrewRestore not restoring NPCs properly.
  • MODDING: Updated cloneAsCrew command to assume .Start node if unspecified.

With luv,
~ Ruffleneck