Snippets XXXIX – Cold feet brrr!

Iskaai is a smallish island further north from Skiia. Slightly colder in climate, and quite a bit dryer island in comparison, but it is the home to the Heev, the primary hare species on Skiir :3

The main town-… err, village-… I mean, hamlet, of sorts, on the island is called Herlstead. It is really not much more than a few homes, a tiny market and the inn. Herlstead is named after Herl, the Heev appropriater… um, entrepreneur, who basically runs the island x)

And yes, that strong green is moss. It is a very mossy island too!

The little island in the middle of the screenshot is called Loner, because, well, it is a lonely peak detached from the main island long ago. Don’t worry, the big island keeps it company <3

Very mossy.

Mossy underwater too, because this moss really likes hugging the island <3

Dro-… I mean dragon camera of the Lows

Climb up to the snowy part of the island, it is not as steep from other angles tho!

Cold feet.

Oh hey, the half turquoise half black Heev from earlier!

The first pass of the Iskaai in the next build is just for hunting the Heev, but we’ll be adding characters, loot, etc, in later passes! ^^

With luv <3