Snippets XXXVIII – Iskaai Heev

All Heev work is now complete and the species is basically ready for release :3

Next release will likely have Heev huntable on Skiia again, as is tradition (can we call doing it once before a tradition? Probably not!) with new species, but they’ll eventually get their own island(s) ^^

Selection of skins and tails for ‘em ^^

Some piercing locations for Heev (Sorry, no long line of piercings up and down the ears, it’d be funny, but a bit too silly xD)

Progress on Iskaai (unlighted + lacking ground cover); a colder up north island where the Iskaai Heev (the playable hare subspecies) are from and can be hunted at ^^

The other Heev subspecies we’ve talked about in the past is the Saardan Heev, a smaller subspecies of the Heev, these’ll be desert bunnies basically, but not a playable subspecies (as in huntable that can be recruited as crew, but not selectable for player to play as) ^^

Some keyposes from one of full act WIPs :3

More soon! <3

With luv <3