Snippets XXXVII – Land ahoy~!

Overworld sailing map tests :3

There’s still much to set up visually + some GUI to mark the ports, but the basic ideas are there; points of interests to explore (sunken ship top right), floating treasure (mid right, super realistic), shoals that slow you down (the lighter spots).

Most of the stuff are still placeholders, and Skiia’s snowtops are tad bit too high riding, but the general visual look is there ^^

Missing all the pretty things still, like ship animation, some more scaling tests, etc, but basically it allows traversing between islands at the moment already, just needs polish to be more presentable ^^

Also, color and mood tests for Saardan. Obviously missing all the decoration, just using the island’s base terrain for testing. Flora is currently being added, before we’ll start properly decorating it and adding stuff for Saardan ^^

The first “Saardan release” is likely just going to be bunny huntin’ <3

Heev has some trouble fitting into the portrait x) This is from the portrait capture scene I have for making the skin and character part icons for the Character creator ^^

Some estimates on current progress of various features/content we’re working on;
Hare species – 95% done (For next build)
Sailing first pass (between islands) – 75% done
Subspecies modding feature – 90% done
Desert island – 30% done
City island – 10% done
Hyena and Deer – 10% done

With luv <3