New experimental r30 build release (Full release 02.12.2022)

Full release on 02.12.2022 <3

r30 Changelist:

  • NEW – Hare Species Preview – You can meet a hare captain (species preview) on Kizan.
  • NEW Additional Acts – Captain Bimmy acts; 1 for player with vagina, and 2 for player with penis.
  • Added additional dialogue for Captain Bimmy’s bosun Wellers and Kess regarding new Bimmy’s AAs and Ash-Tongue.
  • Changed logbook, map, and inventory to allow toggling each other.
  • Changed default controller mapping for Follow to button 2 (same as reload) instead of shoulder button.
  • Changed autorun input on controller from left stick to dpad down.
  • Changed autorun to not cancel when movement is detected.
  • Fixed Horveek’s Guards being a bit too busy with rumors about sexing Horveek (when player actually didn’t sex Horveek)
  • Fixed Ship containers having identical IDs.
  • Fixed aiming toggling sprint.
  • Fixed Ful statue conversations appearing visited for older characters.
  • MODDING; NEW – <<cloneAsCrew>> command to turn an NPC into a follower with ability to set conversation node override with <<cloneAsCrew charactername.nodename>>. Releasing from the crew will allow the NPC to respawn in its normal locator.
  • MODDING; Added variables to get names, genitals, etc, from either current follower OR currently talked to NPC.
  • MODDING; Added minCount and Time options to spawners.
  • MODDING; Added {currentLocation} to read where the player is at in conversations. It is based on existing map locations.
  • MODDING; Fixed spawning Spirit bytes as crew issues.