Snippets XXXVI – Stop, Hareing Time!

Progress on the next species; the Heev (aka a hare) ^^

Still missing a lot of things (namely fur, eyes, and the pattern is just a temp fox pattern with different colors). We’ll talk about the a bit claws later ;3

There will be two main species of the Heev, the first one is the playable heev who can be found further north in the colder regions. This is the heev species you’ll be able to create characters with similarly to the faelain, davh/ful, and kizan. The northern heev will be a huntable species later on too, once we get to the ████ island.

The second heev species is a desert bunny that will be our first smaller species in the game, but it’ll come with the next island and that’s still some ways off. The desert bunny won’t be playable, as we want to keep player always “medium” -size to ensure animations work correctly, but will be able to do anything the player crew normally can when recruited. Their patterns will be available to player too, the only unique bit about the desert heev is that they’re small ^^

Snub! Will get a fur too of course ^^

We’ll talk about the teeth later too x)

And the claws x)

So, about the clawteether; As you know based on some of the characters you’ve talked to, *everyone* is a part dragon, Skiir’s blood flows in every species in the game, so every single one shares some traits of their draconic origins. Some share a bit more, like the kizan with their headspikes, for some it is a bit more subtle and only appearing as horns for some subspecies, and for some, like the heev, it is the feralness, the claws, and the teeth (and totally not because I love Max (totally is because of that (yup, that’s the reason (fully agreed (totally)))))

The playable species will come *soonish*, but next build will have a preview hare NPC similar to how Sinnae originally introduced the davh (as we started with just faelain as a character) and it was later added as a playable species ^^

With luv <3