Snippets XXXIII – Build updatesssss

Not much more to go! Less Snippets, as there’s less “new” to show the closer to build we’re ^^ Some of the kizan misc treasure you can find from chests :3 Kizan clothes set 1 Kizan clothes set 2 Kizan clothes set 3 Kizan clothes set 4 Do note that while they seem super open, […]

Snippets XXXII – Desert Island Concept

Above is a concept for the next island we’re working on (still far in future), and it’ll be a desert island named as Saardan, some ways to the south-west from Kizan ^^ Saardan, like with Kizan, will introduce a new species; The hares. Though in case of Saardan the new prey will be a Saardan […]

Snippets XXX – Sailing WIPs

NOTE: Everything in this Snippet are *VERY MUCH* work in progress visually and gameplay wise here. Raw raw raw gifs in essence, so pay that in mind while reading and watching gifs <3 The gif above showcases a simple AI that is following a ship and is trying to shoot at the ship it is […]

Snippets XXIX – Upcoming modding features

Ability to place custom spawners is showcased above; Basically modders can replicate our basic spawners to add more spawners in-game to add more prey in specific places, or for example add specific spawners that add their custom prey in-game as something that spawns only in a specific spot ^^ Ability to add custom items, although […]

Snippets XXVIII – Sailing Concept

A mockup sailing screen above ^^ Mockup basically meaning a concept image to convey a concept/feel of a mechanic and show what it might look like in the future ^^ My horrible mouse writing explaining basic heading changes while sailing. It’ll behave the same way in Combat (a more micro scale sailing with combat) and […]

Snippets XXVII – Skiia Deco Pass

One of the upcoming build’s features is a decoration pass for both Skiia (pictured here) and for Kizan. This Snippet is more about the Skiia pass however and Kizan will be for a one later on ^^ The basic problem with Skiia is that there isn’t enough to see and find in it, so the […]

Snippets XXVI – Hairy Fairytales

Above are two images with 25 (not necessarily fully in screen) characters with basically nothing special in them. Just character meshes, posed, casting shadows, some little bit of shading, basic faelain default texture and material. The scene basically has nothing to it except a single directional light, default engine gradient background, and my test scene […]