Gaze XXXIII – Vaginae and Penes

Kizan vagina from “below” and “belowish” to show how it looks from both directions when used (untextured still, just the shape) ^^ The species specific vagina and penis base meshes are now done, next up is sculpting detail and texturing! The first vagina is the “Smooth” -vagina, basically the default vagina. It’s likely we’re going […]

Gaze XXXII – Bits and Bobs

Here’s a starter set of Kizan tails in “melon” (ish) -color. The base tail type is the soft spiky ones and then there’s spikeless versions as alternatives and a bit thinner version in the end. Generally the lizard tails are thick and meaty ^^ In this image, you can see that the spikes basically have […]

Gaze XXXI – Wizardly Lizardy!

Using same pattern as before (Haven’t had time to make other kinds except this type) but with different colors and customizations ^^ Bronzy. Also, pants, so I can post this publicly x) Customization example; It’s actually not as massive as it seems, it’s just the camera effect, but a lot bigger muzzle, shorter back spikes, […]

GAZE XXX – Upon Thine Pants We Go!

Well, more like In Thine Pants We Go but sometimes we have to go Upon to go In especially when Upon sounds cooler than In! x) This one is called as “Cabin shirt”. I wonder why. This here is “Engineer’s Vest and Shirt”. I’m sure there’s no relation with Engineer Sterling. These are “Sailor pants”. […]

Gaze XXVIII – All Ahead Full! All… heads.. Full?

The new build is…… ….. *drum roll* …. … …. *drum roll* … Complete and coming soon!  What is in the new r5.25 preview build 2? Besides the obvious bug fixes, there’s quite a hefty optimization pass done to the game and now the jiggly parts should be a lot smoother and there are a […]

Gaze XXVII – Smooth Sailing (on Land)

Heya everyone! Sorry for the radio silence; Been a bit chaotic lately. Not just with the coronavirus (Please wash your hands and follow your local guides on interaction and stay safe!) and things related to it, and things unrelated to it, but also lil restructuring of the team; Some of you already knew, but Nullbunny […]