Snippets XXXIV – Shipping Companionship is Loveshipping!

All aboard the loveship!

The next build will have a first pass of ship decorations. The first pass basically just means that the ship is *decorated*, but we want to make some nicer assets for some places and add more things later on (like we do with islands too) ^^

Tour ahoy, from bow to aft, and, well, mostly top to bottom!

Oh. First stop; Brig. Not the nicest place, but doesn’t really need to be either. Pirates (the wrong kind) belong here.

Second stop; The officer quarters. A bit nicer than the brig. All the cool people will go here <3

Inside one of the small officer rooms. Yes, it’s not very roomy, but it is a personal room on a ship :3

Captain’s Quarters!

The cabinets on the side will be additional storage. We will be adding more as we go along and the layout finalizes more. The ship will eventually be very spacey when it comes to loot ^^

Advisor’s room up top.

Map room above Captain’s Quarters. Advisor’s room is to the left, and the upper deck is to the right.

Pantry and kitchen (Pinch will get a safety stove later!)

Crew quarters below the main deck. A bit darker, but it’s really only for sleeping, not for spending time in. And when you have three crew shifts, the beds are always in use.

Mesh hall. Will get more decoration in the second pass. This is where some ship events will also run, after all, *this* is the place where crew spends time in ^^

Cargo hold, it holds cargo, not much more! It likely won’t have space for trinkets though, just for literal trading goods, resources, and supplies for sailing ^^

Gun deck not yet shown as there hasn’t been really any changes there yet :3

And for the build; 

There’s still a bit to do. Some writing still to do about quest and encounter involving the ancient ful statue on Skiia :3

Fur replacement is nearly done, and there’s a few additional optimizations on top of it that we’re still working on and tweaking.

More snippets soon!

With luv <3