Snippets XXXV – Rumors please!

Hello! I would like to hear some rumors, please (not literally, just for the sake of snippet conversation!) :3

First function of the logbook showcased here is logging of rumors and other notes that player may find useful.

You could think of it as a “quest log” which it kinda is, but it will also record things you’ve heard that are “of interest” but aren’t necessarily steps for a quest, or even part of one. E.g. you could hear about a treasure, and you would get a note in the logbook and when you found the treasure, it would be crossed over ^^

Here’s Juin, bravely meeting with her new captain who doesn’t have fur recoloring activated, and thus has a blue default tail, though Juin has some rather rough fur day too! (Took these screenshots prior fur system was fully replaced. It is now tho xD)

After talking to Juin, you can see the “Meet your new Cabin Paw” lined was crossed over, showing that you have “completed” the rumor, and new lines are added (ignore the third line cutting off :3)

Here’s player meeting Dhax, who also has a bad cat hair day (see, someone has been shedding fur lately! Must be the weather)

After talking with Dhax, our quest book is updated again to show that player visited the landing party site ^^

Also added options to hide completed because there’s going to be a lot of notes and rumors in it xD

Also you can see I renamed the book, because it felt like it didn’t quite make sense to call it a logbook when the whole thing is called as the logbook ^^

Voila! Only the unvisited rumors shown :3

Another quality of life featured being worked on currently;

Map markers!

The white hexagons will have icons, just placeholders currently, but the basic idea is that once you discover a location, it would display an icon for it. Some spots are “shown by default” on the map, like the map features or cities, but other points of interests would pop up on the map once found, like the camping spots ^^

Kizan will have it too, of course ^^

Also two teasers for an act (characters are just test actors) :3

With luv <3