Snippets XXIV – More progressssssssssss~!

Above is one of the new NPCs on Kizan, she runs the Dancing Ferns tavern/inn; Basically Kess’ equivalent on Kizan, except not at all like Kess. Only functionally the same x)

Super Ultra HD full act design note by me for Hareress xD

And that’s Finnish btw; First line is “Bar worker” and second is “Player” ^^

Above is all the Kizan morphers in the game properly. Some morphers were missing prior (well, were in-game, just not properly enabled in character creator, oops!) ^^

More modding features;

Ability to override NPCs with custom characters (note: They’re not 100% overrideable, e.g. it’s not possible to just plop a female character in place of Bosun to prevent breakage) ^^

Cat Bosun!

More modding feature examples; This time replacing one of the built-in characters player can use in Showroom or play the game with ^^

Also, in addition to new species specific vaginas, the next build adds some extra Gameplay options you can fiddle with; Ability to use “Smooth” penises or vaginas instead of species specific;

Up. Regular lizard penis on

Below. Replaced with smooth penis

The options for both Penis and Vagina;

If none is selected for Penis, everyone uses species specific penises, and if none is selected for Vagina, everyone uses species specific vaginas ^^

All -option in Penis/Vagina means every single character in the game has a Smooth version of genitalia.

Non-Player Only -option in Penis/Vagina means everyone except the player is using Smooth genitalia.

And Player Only -option means that only player’s genitalia is overridden.

The options between Vagina and Penis are fully mixable, so if you just want Penises to be smooth, then you can do that, or if you want just the NPC Vagina to be smooth, but only non-player characters to have smooth Penises, that’s possible ^^

Still a bit more to do for the build, but nearly there ^^

With luv <3