Snippets XXV – Ful the First Subspecies

Above is a gif showing some selector clickings. It’ll shuffle tails too, and Ful will be available in the next build properly. There’ll be more pattern options of course, but it’s showing the default one in the gif ^^

Fluffy fox (in a test scene) :3

Tail options:

Tiny snub

Tiny floof

Tiny flooofff (also same size as the biggest davh can get)

Big floof! 

Also it is as long as the longest cat tail, except very *thick* ^^

Sinnae as ful <3

Maas as ful <3

Their skins won’t be changing, so they’re not that “hugely” different from before ^^

…actually I just noticed I took this screenshot before the ful got their body furs, so Maas and Sinnae will be floofier like ful are and unlike davh are who have less body fur xD

A random test character above ^^

How it works in-game is that the wild ful will be “replaced” with the new skins and new ful characters, but if you have captured any old ful type davh before, they won’t be updated because they’re not recognized as *ful* ^^

Which also means that characters that were made to look like foxes won’t change as they’re davh, and it is still possible to make the same type of characters as in the past.

The ful is just a new subspecies option that spins off from davh itself ^^

Also before anyone asks; The ful isn’t a main species and it doesn’t count towards the ~6-9 species that will be in the game eventually x)

Currently missing from the next build (that needs to be done before release, rest is just polishing and tweaking but necessary);
– One character is missing some dialogue
– Some ful skins and icons for character creator
– Ful still needs piercing offsets so that they follow the head

With luv <3