Snippets XXVI – Hairy Fairytales

Above are two images with 25 (not necessarily fully in screen) characters with basically nothing special in them. Just character meshes, posed, casting shadows, some little bit of shading, basic faelain default texture and material. The scene basically has nothing to it except a single directional light, default engine gradient background, and my test scene pattern for ground.

Nothing else.

I can’t distinguish them from each other, so I put a small green and red spot in the corner to make sure I recognize it later xD

I have a GTX 1080, a decent cpu, and so on. Not perfect, but good enough for everything I need it for.

The red dot in top left corner tells me (and you) that the screenshot is from the *old fur* system. These 25 characters with just the fur would tank the frame rate of the game to 22 – 23 frames per second on my PC. And this is with the advanced DX11 fur strands which are more performant than the shells fur we had forever.

Now, the green dot in the first image is there to identify you and me, that is the screenshot with the replacement fur we’re working on to replace the old fur with.

The green dot screenshot also has 25 characters, but the frame rate in that is 89 – 94 frames per second. A small improvement of 4x faster rendering of fur x)

Now, it doesn’t convert 1:1 to game because there are a lot of things that come to actual frame rate in a game, but optimizing the characters will have an impact on the overall frame rate in general, but will also potentially all more characters to be placed in the world without having as big of an impact in the frame rates ^^

You can spot some differences if you look closely (namely me doing things differently), but generally it is identical to existing fur, but a lot more optimized ^^

The fur still needs some work, namely it’s currently only made for the default kitty for performance testing, but definitely better all around!

Kizan clothes set WIP (it’s faelain as a base mesh, as I make all clothes based on a female faelain). The colors are there just to define a thick material (brown) and a light material (green), not necessarily to represent final colors or look! ^^

The clothes will be something Dewseed Tribe on the island will be wearing, but will also be unique loot on Kizan (and likely purchasable from the tribe too) ^^

Also have you ran into the tribe’s idol yet? :3

Hard to miss though! :3

Drone cam!

We’re still missing some mod installing documents, but those are coming soon! There’s a few mods on Steam Workshop already, and those can be downloaded manually with Steam Workshop Downloader, but we’ll have to write a tutorial for installing mods first ^^

Small concept teaser for the end :3

With luv <3