Snippets XXXXVI – Port Grey pass and Events/Cinematics peak

We’ve shown some experiments on the event/cinematics style, but it’s now starting to get more finalized as a concept and we’re finally starting to work on it properly. Hunt and Snare’s events/cinematics will have stylized mood screens along with narration ^^

The basic idea is that each event or plot cinematic will have their own captured screen on the background to give context to the event, or stuff happening in it, and then we have similar story narration as we have now, telling the story itself. In 99% of cases these are dynamically captured too, so day and night affects it, and stuff inside the event can be different depending on what has happened (in some cases, not always).

Player character is basically displayed (at least according to current plan) as a “silhouette” in events and is captured dynamically, so edits and clothes also show there ^^

This is how it basically looks as a scene capture. Going from “furthest away” from the camera and to the camera;

  • Background is a capture from an event camera, e.g. in this case an event placed inside Port Grey’s inn
  • Player is posed on screen, the pose depends on what is required for an event. In the example player is just casually standing there, watching the inn. Player has black color applied over them, albeit in this screen it is shown without ^^
  • Not shown on the screen, but at this point we do the sketch effect on what’s shown in the camera
  • And then we have two layers put over it all, a basic edge vignette, and the scratch effect

The system may obviously still evolve and chance, but this is our goal for it at the moment ^^

As for other stuff;

Here’s a bunch of screenies from the final polish pass of Saardan’s main town, the Port Grey, or as locals tend to call it, Pearl. It is a Scraven town. It has now moved to “writing” phase basically, so, NPCs ^^

The big house in the middle is house of Low Captain Kintter, one of the Scraven faction leaders ^^ 

On the left is The Unnamed, and on the right is a regular frigate. It is lil bit smaller, but largely similar ^^

Spiky forest in the background :3

The first pass on Saardan will most likely be, primarily, only the town and some hunting outside it. I have some special plans for gameplay on the desert island, and it’ll likely take a bit longer to do, so we’ll be releasing it in parts because of it ^^

The first pass on Saardan will also get the shorter desert ful and desert heev subspecies (not playable, but huntable/recruitable). Saardan will also get a gazelle like puur later on. The puur will be a playable species and will most likely have a deer variation later on too ^^

The events will likely be a separate build after the next one, because there’s a lot of places needing basic events before we even get to the fun stuff x)

That’s all for now <3

With luv <3